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Technology tailwinds push solar power growth

For both solar and wind, new inverter technology is spurring increased renewable generation.

Forecasting renewables: an evolving science

Renewable energy forecasting keeps up with advances in climate science and technology.

Pursuing innovation in renewables

Solar Impulse 2 is a shining example of renewables innovation. Long innovation strides are delivering big benefits.

Monitor, collect, decide: SCADA in renewable generation

What’s the right technology to keep tabs on our increasingly complex webs of power generation assets?

Postcard from the future

It's 2045 and Hawaii is running on 100% renewable power.

A funny thing happened on the way to the moon

Why is ABB supporting Solar Impulse? (hint: it's more about the journey than the destination)

Innovation will save the world (Really)

Our only limit should be what we think the opportunities might be tomorrow, not what they are today.

Solar Impulse sets two world records as it touches down in Japan

Poor weather has forced André Borschberg to land in Nagoya, 36 hours into the 7th and most gruelling leg of the R-T-W flight from Nanjing to Hawaii.
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