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GRID4EU – laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s electricity grids

Over the past four years the GRID4EU project has been an important platform to collect and share practical knowledge and develop insights on what is needed to move smart grid developments forward

Smart and sustainable city solutions on show at World Future Energy Summit

The optimism from COP21 is carrying over to WFES as experts share the latest developments in future energy, energy efficiency and clean technology

Smart Grid waves of investment

Two waves of investment that shaped the grid to make it smarter, more modern and intelligent

The future of smart distributed energy resources integration

Smart grids will mitigate the variable nature of solar and wind DERs, as well as support overall grid stability and reliability.

Distributed generation adds complexity to low-voltage grid

As the energy industry continues to change, network operators can leverage smart grid technologies to help manage additional grid complexities.

South Korea’s innovative vision for their smart grids

South Korea's smart grid roadmap is an impressive and thorough rethinking of how the industry has managed electrification for over 100 years

Smart Cities – intelligent solutions for future generations

Many of the building blocks for creating smart cities are already available. It is an ongoing evolution rather than a disruptive change.

Small but smart

With relatively modest investments, public power utilities can begin making strides toward a scalable smart grid implementation.

Rolling the smart grid ball

Many countries in the IMA region intend to transform towards smart grids through the digitalization of their power grid
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