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Golden Gate Bridge

Three questions for Ventyx’s Rick Nicholson

Former industry analyst and newly appointed Vice President of Industry Solutions for Transmission & Distribution at Ventyx, Rick Nicholson, talks about smart meters, cyber security and distribution automation.

Panel talks cyber security on the grid

Three industry experts joined a panel to discuss cyber security challenges on the grid at Automation & Power World 2013.

Volt/VAr optimization to enable smarter grids

Volt/VAr Optimization (VVO) is quickly becoming a frequently discussed smart grid application for the distribution grid.

Smarter energy use needed for an urbanized planet

60 million people globally move into cities every year. Local governments turn to solar power and smart grids to power growing urban areas.

Smart Grid Investment Trends: Follow the money, Part 1

The two biggest investment drivers right now are the need to improve utility operational effectiveness and connecting renewable energy resources to the grid