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Past, present and future: ABB’s story in Brazil

From the Sugar Loaf mountain cable car to the opening of a new factory in Sorocaba; a century of shared history points to bright future together

Grid notes from Berlin

The World Smart Grid Forum in Berlin and a recent IPCC report renews focus on the evolution of the grid of future

How transformers work

The physical principle of transformers has not changed in 130 years, but energy density, efficiency, costs, weight and dimensions have drastically improved

A brief history of the power transformer

Around 130 years ago a technical revolution took place that was to be a vital step in the development of modern society

Electrifying isolated communities

The Station Service Voltage Transformer (SSVT) compact substation

Caution – High voltage

Compact gas insulated switchgear that enables substations to hide in the city

Stepping up the voltage levels

Ultra high-voltage technology and the power of change
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