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Microgrids: the future hasn’t arrived, but we can see it from here

Microgrids are poised to make a significant impact on the power grid, but challenges remain.

The pieces are on the table for distributed energy

A decentralized grid awaits us, but first we must put together the pieces--technological, economic, etc.--that will bring it into being.

ABB kicks off Automation and Power World in Mexico city

Deep knowledge of electrical infrastructure and industrial automation ideally positions ABB to drive Mexico’s transformation.

Seeking a smart conductor to orchestrate your microgrid?

The various elements of a microgrid are like the instruments in a philharmonic orchestra and our smart circuit breaker presented at Hanover is the conductor

Solar Impulse: a flying microgrid ?

Solar Impulse is helping to draw attention to this shift in the energy mix, in which ABB has a major role to play.

Facebook: Maxine at IRENA

ABB was represented at The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Assembly today in Abu Dhabi. Maxine Ghavi, senior vice president and head of the Microgrid program spoke at a panel on Innovation: The Age of Renewable Energy.

Microgrids as the new energy paradigm

Flexible, local, safe, clean power: Microgrids are defining the new energy landscape. A first project of its kind in Africa will showcase the benefits.

YouTube: The microgrid delivering renewable power to Australia’s hottest town

The microgrid delivering renewable power to Australia's hottest town

Beyond backup power

The State of New York kicks off a competition that highlights the multi-faceted benefits of microgrids
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