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The partial load zone and SynRM, a perfect match.

Many processes don’t require the full output of an electric motor. They work in areas below full power, in an area I like to call the partial load zone.

Keep it simple, engineer. Users will appreciate it.

The user experience (UX) design of industrial products, such as variable speed drives helps make even the most complicated engineering simple.

The art of recycled systems

Automatic automation based on reusable engineering

Ship designer: ABS’ Approval in Principle for Onboard DC Grid boosts confidence

Henrique Pestana, head ship designer at ABB, says the American Bureau of Shipping's Approval in Principle helps reduce perceived risks of new technology

Efficiency’s big tent

Our notion of "efficiency" is expanding. That's a good thing.

Ready, steady, go!

In increasingly more competitive power markets, service solutions are key to winning the race.
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