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Why don’t you ride your bike instead?

The environmental appeal of mass transit and the humble bicycle is undeniable, but getting out of the car takes more than good intentions.

How being smart(er) could have saved Detroit

Why innovation is key to Detroit's future and success

VIDEO: ABB’s Haider Rashid talks “smart cities” at WEF

“3 and 1/2 billion people living in cities, another 3 billion to come – we’ve got to make those cities smart, otherwise we’re going to go the wrong way.”

Why hybrids may be better for the future of electric vehicles than all-electric cars

A major electric vehicle (EV) pilot project in the US throws up some unexpected learnings

Smarter energy use needed for an urbanized planet

60 million people globally move into cities every year. Local governments turn to solar power and smart grids to power growing urban areas.