Nico Ninov
Nico is the Data Center Segment Manager of ABB Smart Buildings since October 2018. In this position he has full accountability for the global marketing and sales activities of the Smart Buildings business in ABB towards the data center segment. Smart Buildings Division includes a broad portfolio of market leading protection devices and building automation solutions as well as the portfolio for LV energy distribution in data centers After starting his career in Germany back in 2009 as a Product Manager for Smart Home Applications at Busch-Jaeger, a leading supplier of home and building automation solutions, Nico built global leadership experience with ABB Switzerland, a multinational industrial company, where he held various leadership positions in the e-mobility and data center business areas. Nico joined the Global Data Center Team of ABB in August 2015 as Low Voltage Global Marketing Manager. In October 2018, he was promoted to Global Segment Manager to lead the data center business of the Smart Buildings Division of ABB. Nico holds a diploma degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Applied Science in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and he currently resides in Flurlingen, Switzerland. Being a tech savvy and passionate of new technologies, in February 2016 Nico founded the dronemaps24 platform by nicopter GmbH, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland with its own independent drone pilots’ fleet all over Europe.


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Centros de datos: estrategias específicas para reducir el tiempo de obtención de beneficios

Ampliar los centros de datos más rápidamente para generar beneficios con rapidez es un aspecto cada vez más importante.