EX-certified partners are ABB ambassadors for explosion-proof motors

ABB has an extensive portfolio of electric motors that are suitable for use in an explosion hazard environment.

High demands are placed on those EX-certified motors. End customers must be able to rely on the quality and reliability that ABB offers for these machines. Even after motors have been overhauled or repaired, that reliability must remain. Certified ABB repair partners from the ABB Authorized Service Provider program are audited and offer their service at the highest possible level.

The toughest demands are placed on EX-motors. Providing maximum safety when used in an explosion hazard environment is of great importance. Needless to say, a customer must also be able to rely on that safety after a motor has been overhauled or repaired. ABB has partners who meet our high quality standards for the execution of service activities. The certified partners are included in the ABB Value Provider Program. Facta, in Spijkenisse, has recently been added to the select group of certified service providers for ABB EX-motors.

Facta is ABB’s specialized partner for drive, control and pump technology. In addition to operations in Spijkenisse, Facta also has a branch in Uitgeest. Facta is a supplier of motors and drives. In addition, Facta provides professional maintenance, overhaul and repair services for electric motors and controls. The Spijkenisse location is strategically located for customers in the chemical and petrochemical sector that operate in the Rotterdam port area. Explosion-proof working is therefore a specialty of Facta. In accordance with the guidelines of the applicable IECeX03 regulations, Facta carries out repairs on explosion-proof equipment. In addition to the general IECeX03 certification, the company meets the strict requirements set by ABB. As well as general knowledge about EX-motors, an EX-certified ABB Authorized Service Provider has specific constructive knowledge of ABB products. Moreover, Facta is one of the first partners that also holds stock of new explosion-proof motors from ABB.

EX motor

There are a number of uncertainties in the market surrounding EX and ATEX. To be allowed to work on EX-motors, a company must have the necessary certifications. Repairs must be carried out according to the standards. The partners from the ABB Authorized Service Provider program must also have an EX-certification issued by ABB. This certification is granted after the requirements of an intensive and strict audit have been met. The responsible persons follow extensive training by ABB beforehand. The audit is performed by an external organization. In this case, this is done by the SGS Baseefa inspection authority. The strict audit is repeated every three years.

The fact that a company is recognized by ABB as an EX repair company guarantees that the ABB factory certification is retained. The treated motor will still meet ABB’s high quality requirements after a repair or overhaul. A user of ABB motors can fully rely on the high reliability of its machines after they have been restored by a partner of the ABB Authorized Service Provider program. If it is no longer possible or useful to repair an motor, a stock-keeping partner such as Facta can quickly deliver a new equivalent motor. The ABB certification guarantees the presence of the right knowledge, information and service!


One of the aspects of ABB certified service providers for EX-motors is that they have the best possible documentation and full history of repairs. Traceability of repairs made in the past is important. After all, you want to be able to check what has happened to a motor in the past. This is also important when considering whether a motor should be repaired, overhauled or replaced. In practice, we often see that EX-motors are listed but not sufficiently documented. It is extremely useful to have access to the construction details of both delivered and repaired motors. In this way, proper advice can be given about how a user can keep their machines in optimum condition, as well as how they can be replaced by suitable machines with the correct power and the correct axle size. After all, end customers want to use their motors without any hassle and without undesirable interruptions of the production process!

It is important for ABB to have partners with a large local network. Facta is such a partner where service to the end customers comes first! Resellers and remanufacturers with a customer-oriented attitude, a careful approach and flexible solutions are extremely important for a large supplier such as ABB. After all, our channel partners are ABB’s ambassadors for end customers. We really see our partners as an extension of ABB on the market. That is why we are happy with committed and expert partners such as Facta. They contribute to the smooth, safe and efficient management of end customers who use our ABB products and solutions and that is in the interest of everyone!

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