Sustainable customer relationships for future-oriented automation

ABB puts the customer first and has been thoroughly immersed in automation issues for many years.

In various industries such as water, infrastructure, chemistry, power, oil and gas, – to name but a few, automation requires increasingly far-reaching solutions that are future-oriented for companies. ABB products and solutions support the primary infrastructures in the production processes at companies. Critical projects are characterized by long-term customer relationships. Openness, cooperation and knowledge exchange with our customers are the characteristics of ABB.

ABB puts the customer first and has been thoroughly immersed in automation issues for many years. Only by deeply engaging with the desires and requirements of the customer, will you be able to help provide smart and future-oriented answers. The added value of ABB in the implementation of automation and optimization for sustainable solutions contributes to improved and optimal business operations. Production is automated with companies in various sectors (such as chemicals, oil, gas, water, power and infrastructure), using ABB solutions. ABB has been working with a number of companies for thirty years or more. Such kinds of long-term relationships are a characteristic of our company. We are closely involved in our clients’ projects while maintaining continuous interaction. We take the input we receive extremely seriously, and we take it up in our corporate research.

ABB User Day 2019

For knowledge exchange, we organize an ABB User Seminar every year. The purpose of our User Seminar is two-fold; on the one hand, it is a networking event where associates of different companies can exchange experiences with each other. On the other hand, we enable our customers to gain new knowledge. In this way our clients can stay informed of current developments in ABB’s extensive portfolio. In addition to providing information, the exchange of knowledge is also extremely important to us. Only by listening carefully to our customers can you come up with suitable solutions! In their thinking process, the staff members of Industrial Automation are constantly engaged in deploying knowledge and products to improve process control and finding solutions for the prevention of malfunctions. A part of that process is estimating failure probabilities so that it can be predicted what could go wrong.

ABB User Day 2019

ABB has brought their digital solutions for process optimization together within the ABB Ability™ multidisciplinary platform. That means that all knowledge and benefits from various sectors are combined. In this way, one sector also benefits from the experiences and knowledge gained in other areas. ABB Ability™ bundles approximately 70 million different devices worldwide. That will be much more in the future. They will also be increasingly connected and will communicate with each other. Developments are going fast at this time. Butnow that more and more devices are connected to each other and communicate with one another, the importance of cyber security will further increase. The threats are increasing and the dependence on software is thereby increasing. Today, almost every component contains software. Because we know our products in detail, we guarantee reliability and safety. This way, we can explain to our customers how to use, maintain and optimize the systems. This service is becoming increasingly important. Cyber security is a hot topic. Companies with critical infrastructure now subject their installations to a thorough annual or bi-annual cyber security-check. At a time when technology is evolving so quickly, this is no longer sufficient. It is becoming increasingly necessary to constantly monitor the critical infrastructure. Users of hardware and software must continuously update the systems to stay ahead of attacks and to optimally protect their own systems. With cyber asset management, we detect new devices, modifications to existing devices, and threats from outside. This way, we not only increase safety, but also efficiency.

The future for ABB lies in the combination of products and services. Currently, there are many small specific automation solutions. However, to be able to maintain this, it poses such a major challenge that it seems that only a limited number of major universal solutions in the hardware and software field are going to last. The structure of the protocols becomes more open, and therefore the risk of threats increases. The products are becoming increasingly complex and fast. Due to all these new developments, the need to make products safer is also becoming a greater necessity. The ABB User Seminar is one of the ways in which we experience how our customers are doing. Learning from experiences and determining that you are facing challenges that can be solved together is particularly useful. ABB listens to their customers and has the knowledge to develop and deliver the products and services that enable a responsible digital future.

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Cuno van den Hondel is Manager Service Benelux Industrial Automation of ABB.
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