Partner ELTEC keeps ATEX-engines safe!

ABB has a wide assortment of engines and generators that are suitable for use in explosion hazard environments.

High standards are set for those ATEX-certified engines. Users must be able to rely on the quality and security that ABB offers for these machines. Even after repairs have been made to the engines, the confidence must continue to exist. Certified partners from the ABB Value Provider Program have been audited and offer a high-quality service.

ATEX-engines are subject to the highest standards. Offering the ultimate safety has the highest priority. Of course, this safety must remain guaranteed after an engine has been overhauled or repaired. For the performance of service activities, we use partners who meet ABB’s high-quality standards. The certified partners are included in the ABB Value Provider Program. One of those certified partners is Eltec in Genk. Eltec is active in all industrial sectors in Belgium, with a team of fifty employees. With over 25 years’ experience, Eltec is one of the leaders in the market in the field of maintenance and repair of electric engines and generators. Eltec can service and repair machines weighing up to 14 tons in their well-equipped workshop of 4500m².


There are still a lot of uncertainties surrounding the ATEX aspect. To be allowed to work on ATEX engines, a company must have the required certifications. Repairs must be carried out according to the standards. The partners from the ABB Value Provider Program must also have an ATEX certification that has been issued by ABB. This certification is granted if the requirements of an intensive audit have been met. This strict audit is undertaken once every three years. Not only the workplace is audited, but the competencies of the people are also tested. The fact that a company is recognized as an ATEX repair shop by ABB ensures that ABB’s repair guidelines are fully met. The engine can be used again and will still meet ABB’s high standard even after recovery. A user of ABB engines can still fully rely on the high reliability and quality of their machines after they have been repaired by a partner from the ABB Value Provider Program.

If an engine is irreparable or the customers want to replace an engine with a machine with a higher efficiency class, ABB’s certified partners have the knowledge to select the right engine with the right options. In addition to that knowledge, ABB Value providers like Eltec also have extensive contacts in the field to reach end-users and provide them with the right information and service.

An additional benefit is that a good partner has the knowledge and information about the engines used. In practice, we notice that ATEX engines have been inventoried but not sufficiently documented. Usually the power, speed, and tension are known but not the mechanical dimensions such as the axle sizes or the flange sizes. Eltec has been executing engine management for years. This means that all engines have been inventoried and documented. This way, proper advice can be given about how a customer can keep their machines in optimum condition, but also how they can be replaced. After all, an end-customer wants to use their engines carefree and without any unexpected interruptions in the production process!

ABB Value provider

The partners from the ABB Value Provider Program advise of any important new developments. The online monitoring of the engine condition with the help of the ABB smart sensor is such a development. The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor is one of many digital solutions from the multi-disciplinary platform ABB Ability™. ABB’s digital solutions have been brought together within that platform so that all sectors can benefit from the digital knowledge that is available to ABB. The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor is an efficient system that allows remote monitoring of the engines. The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor gives a notification for maintenance at the right time. Repairs are carried out at the right time and unexpected failure of a machine is prevented because any deviations are detected early. It is certainly useful for ATEX engines to monitor them optimally and to make use of the certainty and advice that can be given by means of the ABB Ability™ smart sensor. Not only new, but also existing engines can easily be equipped with an ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor.

ABB is pleased to have partners such as ELTEC. They have the right knowledge and skills and help end-customers to get the highest possible uptime from the machine park in a safe and efficient way.

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