ABB unburdens and helps with saving fuel on board

The largest expense of a shipping company are fuel costs.

When you invest in optimization of saving fuel, you will be amply rewarded. ABB offers products and solutions to achieve that goal. An excellent example is our intelligent software package called Tekomar XPERT.

Tekomar XPERT is a part of the ABB Ability™ platform. It is a multidisciplinary platform in which ABB has brought together all its digital solutions. All knowledge and benefits from various sectors come together in the Ability™ platform. That’s how our customers benefit from the experience that has been acquired from other sectors, in combination with the extensive knowledge that ABB has accumulated in the maritime sector.

Tekomar XPERT is specifically designed for naval applications. With the software, both the people ashore as on board will receive detailed insights into the engine performance of the fleet on a naval level. Once the system is installed on one of the ships, it becomes possible to immediately locate deviations in the performance of the engine. Simple guidelines give recommendations for optimizing the engines. The software also offers corrective information for realizing significant savings on fuel. Following this software generated advice will result in significant fuel reduction. It is a win-win situation; it’s better for the environment, better for the propulsion systems but eventually also better for the control and reduction of costs.

The measured data will be compared with the values from the testbed protocol. That way, deviations will be determined accurately and very quickly. The best part is that you can compare multiple marine engines regardless of manufacturer and size. The operator on board of a ship will be able to immediately benefit from this. If there is a deviation present, it will be immediately visible. Action can be undertaken in order to prevent any damages from occurring and even before the fuel consumption increases due to this disruption. It is a small investment with a high return. The tool has been designed for two-stroke marine engines but is also applicable for four-stroke auxiliary diesel engines.

An extra benefit is the fact that you are able to plan the overhaul of an engine or a turbocharger at the right time, not too early but certainly not too late. That way you can optimize the maintenance with concurrent exclusion of the occurrence of unwanted disruptions or malfunctions.

ABB has taken care of the overhaul and repairs of turbocharges for decades. We are, above all, a service organization. On the Europort 2019 trade fair, we will show different stages of the repair process. Welding of the blades of a turbo is a very meticulous job. ABB is able to perform those operations on a global scale with the same high quality standard. It is for good reason that ABB has the highest global service network. Because we provide a centralized training for all our mechanics and standardized workplaces, the same facilities will be provided everywhere in the world. That way we can ensure optimal service. This does not mean that all our service stations are of equal size. These are attuned to local conditions and local demand. We strive for optimal and uniform service on a global level.

Ultimately, our service is about the complete unburdening of our customers. That is why our relations can always contact our trusted local contacts. They will arrange a turbo replacement or maintenance operations anywhere in the world. We are able to conduct this on a global scale. That can be very valuable for globally operating shipping companies. Because of our service network, we strive to have 98% of all turbochargers and parts in stock to ensure an exceptional availability. We’re focused on helping the customer as soon as possible. When we tell a customer that we can fix a problem, then they can definitely count on us.

Europort 2019 is a great opportunity for us to meet our customers in person. Service is based on trust, a personal connection and a constant renewal and improvement of processes and products. Come join us and discover how innovative and service-oriented ABB is in the naval sector!

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General Manager Turbocharging at ABB b.v. Ron works at ABB since 1989.
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