Simple solutions for smart instrumentation aboard ships

The shipping industry too had to deal with tightening regulations over the years.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has specified new limits for sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) in marine exhaust gases. This increases the need to have accurate measurement data. For this reason, existing ships are provided with scrubbers that purify the exhaust gases as much as possible from undesirable substances. ABB offers suitable solutions in all cases, both for new construction and existing ships. Especially for the maritime sector, ABB has a broad portfolio of smart solutions such as the GAA330-M smart emissions monitoring system.

Here, we combine experience from other industrial sectors with our knowledge of the shipping sector. ABB has combined its digital solutions within the ABB Ability™ multidisciplinary platform. That means that all knowledge and benefits from various sectors are combined. This way you benefit from the experience gained in other fields, combined with the years of knowledge that ABB has built up about the maritime sector.

A good example is the use of gas analyzers for measurement of flue gas which are equipped with a dynamic QR code. In the event of a malfunction, the engineer on board presses a button on the analyzer, prompting a QR code to appear on the instrument’s display. Photographing and sending the code to ABB by mobile phone makes it possible to determine the cause of the error remotely. We are then able to provide quick and effective advice for recovery.

With the help of augmented services, it is possible to contact the system and give the correct instructions for repairing the malfunction. This makes it possible to remove the cause of disruption on the high seas.

In the unfavorable case where spare parts or even a service engineer are needed, ABB is able to send the right materials and people to the first port on the route, quickly and flawlessly. Thanks to ABB’s global network, the right solution and the fastest service are always close at hand! These augmented services will continue to be expanded in the near future. Direct contact with the system and the people on board facilitate the reparation of faults in a quick and effective way. We want to show this to you at the Europort 2019 trade fair.

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Another innovative solution we want to show you at the fair, is NiTemp, which is a simple and safe solution for non-invasive temperature measurement. Classical temperature measurement requires a thermowell. This means that holes must be drilled in the pipes to read out the temperature sensor. With NiTemp this is no longer needed. The measuring device is simply clamped to the tube. There are two measuring points that measure the temperature on the tube’s outside wall. A third measuring point is located on the head of the device. A smart algorithm calculates the temperature of the medium very accurately on the basis of the measurement data. In field tests comparing the accuracy with classical temperature sensors, the accuracy proved to be comparable and very reliable. In these field tests, the data corresponded exactly to the measurement results that were obtained using conventional measuring equipment. This “clamp on solution” is extremely practical for the shipping industry. The existing flow in the pipes is not affected and a temperature measurement can be installed in all possible places, both temporarily and permanently. A NiTemp sensor in the warehouse is ready to go and can be placed directly. The device is suitable for mounting on pipes of different diameters and is explosion proof up to zone 0.

The main advantage is that there is no damage to the piping. Because there is no need to drill in the pipes, the temperature sensor can be installed during normal operation without closing off a pipe or shutting down a process. This innovative product was nominated at the Hannover Messe 2019 for the Hermes Award, the most important European prize for industrial innovation.

Visiting ABB’s stand at Europort 2019 is a must for anyone interested in the application of future-oriented instrumentation on ships. This applies to ship owners as well as engineers and maritime designers. We offer the right solution, both for new construction and the modification of existing ships, and have a global service network. Come and visit us and discover how innovative ABB is to solve practical problems at sea quickly and effectively!

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