What makes ABB an attractive employer for young employees?

Let me reverse the question: what are recent graduates looking for?

Young people often look for four things. First of all, they want a position in which they can develop well. They want a good work/life balance and they look for a company that actively works on sustainable solutions. And of course, starters want a good salary and the same secondary employment conditions. ABB is a very good match on all four points.

Development and training

With us you can fully develop yourself in every position. We offer numerous training courses, both at product level and for example, as a supplement to your studies. Think of language training, software training, management training. You will discuss your training program with your manager and as long as it is relevant to your daily work, there are many possibilities. We consider training and development to be very important.

In addition, we are such a large company that, when you are ready, you have opportunities to move into another position which is also possible in another country. You can always apply for open international positions with us.

We aim for sustainable employment. “Our ambition is clear: hire to retire. We want people to spend their entire career with us. But that may mean that someone occasionally starts a completely different job within the group. Sustainable employability is based on four pillars. A sustainable employee is competent, satisfied, committed and healthy. “Not everyone has to apply internally: it is perfectly possible that you have held the same position for thirty years and that you are completely happy with that. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. You don’t have to push people. But talk about it, be open.”

Work/life balance

We have flexible hours where you can start working between 7am and 9am. If you cannot be at the office for 8 hours on a day due to a private appointment or if the weather is bad, then you can occasionally work from home in consultation with your manager. If you want to work from home on a fixed day, that is also negotiable, except in positions that are not suitable for this kind of work, such as in production, service and sales.

In principle, part-time work is also always possible with us. That is quite a challenge for the organization, but we think a good work/life balance is important.

Sustainability and technology

ABB is a company that stands for sustainability and COreduction, we are a company that actively contributes to future-oriented solutions.

What’s more, we help make the world more sustainable with state of the art technology. That is fantastic for our technical people, but also great for the less technical profiles. I am very proud that we are the main sponsor of the Formula E championship with electric racing cars.

Working conditions

Our wages are right and in line with the sector, our secondary employment conditions are even better than the benchmark. Think of a good collective insurance, meal vouchers, pension insurance: these are all very well arranged with us.

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Antonie Klop

Country HR Manager at ABB in Benelux. Antonie has a Master's Degree in Human Resources from NCOI Business School and an RCDI degree in Register Consultant on Sustainable Employability from Avans University of Applied Sciences+. At ABB since 2010.
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