Not one second of downtime in ultra-modern datacenter

ABB installed the fully redundant power supply

ABB installed a fully redundant power supply at Serverius DC 2, one of the largest datacenters in the Netherlands.

Datacenters need power, a lot of power. But above all, they need steady, continuous power. Last year ABB installed a fully redundant power supply at the Serverius DC 2 datacentre in Meppel. By doing so we turned it into the Rolls Royce – or perhaps, given its innovative character, the Tesla – among datacentres.

Serverius is one of three large datacentres with its own IP network in the Netherlands. It operates two datacentres located in between the largest Internet backbones in Europe situated in Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Serverius DC1 in Dronten is 800 square meters, while the Meppel datacentre has 500 square metres of floor space. Serverius serves national and international customers who are dependent on the IT infrastructure for their processes.

Those companies cannot afford one second of downtime. We grumble when the WiFi breaks down at home or in the office, but for many Serverius customers, the IT system is vital. If it fails, even for just a moment, an economic disaster will occur. Or even worse, a major security risk!

Better safe than sorry!

That is why ABB fully upgraded the power supply in the entire Meppel datacentre. From the incoming power from the network operator to the racks on the data floor in which the servers are suspended, everything has been made completely redundant. With this 2N+1 power infrastructure, the datacentre has enough spare capacity to immediately cope with the slightest hitch.

A lot of attention was paid to the ABB switchgear, which is the beating heart of the datacentre. We combined this low-voltage switchgear with a large number of UPS systems, which ensure that the electrical power to the computers and servers is not interrupted when the mains voltage drops out. To ensure the reliability and availability of those systems, we have installed a redundant UPS system, which is capable of providing the critical power required in the event of a power failure. In 2009, the Meppel datacentre started in a barn. Now, less than ten years on, Serverius DC2 has international visibility and a flawless reputation.

The Rolls Royce and the Tesla among the datacenters

With the new, redundant power supply, Serverius DC2 now provides a guarantee of quality and reliability. But at the same time, the datacentre has become one of the most modern and innovative ones in the country. Rolls Royce and Tesla in one!

The Meppel datacentre has also been upgraded in other areas. Any company with its own data centre, however limited, knows that the servers can heat up quite a lot. That is why it is necessary to cool down the room considerably. So you can imagine what that would be like in a datacentre with a floor area of 500 square metres. Energy efficiency is a major challenge for any datacentre, large or small. The new Circuit Monitoring System we installed constantly monitors the power and energy consumption in Serverius DC2. The collected data will allow us to take measures to improve energy efficiency. Meaning that in the future we will be able to share unused energy with neighbouring businesses or residential areas. This will allow for further efficiency increases.

A final innovation introduced in the datacentre by ABB was the ‘SMISSLINE TP rail system’. It is the very first touch-safe system that allows the employees of Serverius DC2 to switch on the power of modules and components and remove them without personal protective equipment against electrocution hazards. This means that the modules can be assembled more quickly.

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