Philip Lewin
I'm one of the many people sharing ABB's passion and great stories for robotics and industrial ingenu-ity. It’s exciting for me to be at the leading edge of a new age for one of the most fundamental things that people do - we make things. At the same time, the awareness has never been greater that economic progress, higher living standards and new ways of making things cannot come at the expense of our environment. I’m proud to contribute to this exciting and important discussion.


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The megatrends are among us, part 1

Technology is redefining what robots CAN do for us. But some big megatrends are redefining what they MUST do for us.

Moving a whale with the precision of a honey bee?

ABB technologies do some really amazing things. But sometimes the ‘simpler' things we do are just plain cool.

Please bear with us; this month’s conversation could take a decade or two

Global energy use will grow by more than 50% by 2040. There has never been a more important time to discuss energy efficiency.

One certainty for electric cars is that there are few certainties for electric cars

Getting people to connect with electric vehicles isn’t so hard. Getting those vehicles connected to the rest of the world is the tricky part.

Fast charging the future of urban mobility

Visitors at one of the world’s premier auto shows get a hands-on preview of the future of mobility – and the technology that is already making it a reality.

Energy energy energy. And less energy.

The headlines are swimming in energy topics these days, and many of them are admittedly much sexier than plain old energy efficiency.

Are you a witch?

Improving energy efficiency relies as much on culture as it does on technology.

Is a waste heat recovery system right for you?

Industrial processes that require large amounts of heat can recoup some of their energy costs by recovering heat to generate electricity

Should your utility be managing your energy bill?

A little time and attention to detail can produce significant savings.
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