Peter Rawdanowicz
Starting in 2012, I have joined the team at ABB as a Project Manager in the Drives Division here in Melbourne, Australia. In my previous job, I was a Senior Project Engineer for the Chassis Electronics Systems at General Motors (GM) Holden. One of the most ground breaking projects that I worked on was the Holden Volt (also known as the Chevrolet Volt or Opel Ampera) localisation for the local market where I took on a lead role in preparing this vehicle for sale launch here in Australia. As a result, I have intimate knowledge on electric vehicles, the infrastructure required for them and the issues that they face for society to accept them in our day to day lives. This passion for electric vehicles has drawn me to follow the ABB E-mobility portfolio of products and how ABB is focussing on our core business goals of lowering our environmental impact.


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Aussie rEVolution

The yearly road trip is a big part of many Aussie families. EVs will change how we travel but what is holding us back?