Patrick Naumann and Ilona Braverman
Hi, I'm Ilona, and I am the Newsroom Manager with the corporate communications team. And I’m Patrick, and I work with Ilona. In this blog, we give a ‘his and hers’ perspective on all things in and out of ABB. Sometimes, only Patrick is right, and sometimes Ilona is just wrong. But together, we're keeping it fresh.


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10 Amazing technologies for the 2014 World Cup

A lot has changed since the last time the World Cup was held in Brazil in 1950. Back then it was just about the players and the field.

10 Movies for engineers for Valentine’s Day (part II)

Love is in the air and not even the force of gravity can pull it down. But maybe our list of movies can help you get through it.

10 Holiday gifts engineers will love

Is there an engineer on your gift list? We've got just the thing.

10 Names we would have chosen for the royal baby

Choosing the right name is everything. Especially for the 3rd in line to the throne.

I spy

10 things we didn't know about each other but found out through the internet

10 inventions the world really needs

Innovation is quite the overused word these days. We have all these expectations, a demand for miracles and marvels. But honestly, who can blame us? The bar has been set so high.

The 10 best songs about the sun

ABB added a little sunshine to its life. You too can embrace the sun by adding these songs to your playlist.

10 things we will do to stop wasting water…

... next week from Monday to Friday only during the day as long as it doesn't affect our lifestyle but still totally saves the planet.