Nicole Salas
I'm the Events Manager for ABB Robotics globally. I joined ABB in 2007, working for corporate communications in the United States before joining Robotics in 2013. I began my career as a journalist in Caracas, Venezuela and have worked for United Rentals Inc. as well as several international public and investor relations agencies. Outside of the office, you will find me racing sailboats.


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Sake, sushi and robots – Japan has it all

From industry to pop culture, robots are as much a part of Japanese culture as sake and sushi.

Top 9 wackiest, strangest and coolest robots and concepts at iREX 2013

The largest robot trade show on the planet is busting at the seams with robotic technology that boggles the mind.

Our Dual Arm Concept robot makes a rare public appearance

Our Dual Arm Concept robot makes a rare public appearance in Tokyo doing real-world collaborative assembly

2013 International Robot Exhibition: The largest robotics event on the planet

From large robots to small, and everything in between, we've got something for every interest at our booth in Tokyo, Japan. Come say hi.

On the verge of a robotics explosion – or maybe we’re already there

Growth in industrial robotics sales around the globe seems to have reached a new plateau that belies an even larger change to the world economy.

Commission, train and maintain

Good customer service hinges on sending customers away happy and welcoming them back in their time of need.

Industrial robots are more humanoid than you think

Complete with a body, double-jointed shoulders, arms, elbows and wrists, industrial robots are as much modeled after the human form as Michelangelo’s David.

Iron Man 3 + ABB Robots = Fun and Games

When it comes to spotting our robots in movies, playing games as an adult turns into a professional endeavor

More than just welding cars, robots do some incredible things

It's a brave new world for robots, and the number of things they can do is increasing all the time.
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