Nicole Salas
I'm the Events Manager for ABB Robotics globally. I joined ABB in 2007, working for corporate communications in the United States before joining Robotics in 2013. I began my career as a journalist in Caracas, Venezuela and have worked for United Rentals Inc. as well as several international public and investor relations agencies. Outside of the office, you will find me racing sailboats.


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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

By definition simplification is about making things less complex or complicated.

Automatica 2016 wraps up but not before ABB introduces Connected Services, SafeMove2, and a new robot!

Automatica may have ended but customers are only just beginning their journey toward the Factory of the Future with ABB Robotics.

4 exciting happenings at ABB Robotics: a testament to a bright future

From the introduction of world’s first truly collaborative robot to one able to lift nearly a ton, 2015 was nothing short of fantastic for ABB Robotics.

Science Fiction becomes reality: ABB robots to 3D print a steel bridge over water

It's an example of how we're already living in the future—a team from the Netherlands has developed a process to 3D print large metal structures in situ.

ABB Robotics delivers 10 new products in 2014

A countdown of the new industrial robots and robotic solutions ABB has introduced this year.

Robots and LEGO bricks: A short film about the future of our planet

Robots and LEGO bricks: A short film about the future of our planet

Teaser Trailer – Luminale Festival 2014 opens with robotic light art

An ABB Robot is lighting up the night as a piece of light art at the 7th annual Luminale Festival in Frankfurt Germany from March 30-April 4, 2014.

Robotics Month in focus — Setting a record for product introductions

ABB Robotics has set a record with 12 new product introductions in 2013.
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