Marco Thoma
I'm Head of Global Sales and Marketing for Medium Voltage Converters used in wind turbines. I have been active in the converter business since 2001 in different areas of engineering, product development, operations and now marketing and sales. My background is electrical engineering and business administration (MBA). I like the challenges in the wind industry and the influence we have together with our customers to change the world and ensure that our kids can live the same good life as we do.


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Fujian Putian City Flat Bay offshore wind farm in China

China: the new leader in offshore wind?

China‘s goal is to considerably increase the share of renewable energy in its energy mix. The Fujian wind farm is testimony to this commitment.
Scotrenewables’ SR2000-M1 device being launched in May 2016 at Harland and Wolff Shipyard, Belfast

Horizon 2020 – Advancing tidal power

ABB is a member of an EU funded project consortium to advance the commercialization of floating tidal energy.

Low or medium voltage wind turbine converters?

Selecting the right wind turbine converter can be a complicated business, not only technically, but also politically. To take an informed decision, a number of criteria need to be taken into consideration.

Lowering the levelized cost of energy of your wind farm

Focus on wind farm O&M strategies is a critical factor in meeting levelized cost of energy targets

Germany’s pioneering offshore wind farm tops forecasts

In every endeavor, there has to be a first: The first person in space, the first man on the moon, the first to stand atop the highest mountain in the world