Juho Vuorio
With background in various roles at a global crane manufacturing and service company and a tech startup, I joined ABB Drives in 2016 to lead a digitalization initiative. Digitalization is opening great opportunities where customers benefit from better productivity and yield while business models in equipment sales are getting closer to those of traditional software sales. This transformation requires new ways to think on how we innovate, build, deliver and measure value but also on the way we lead people.


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Innovation is a team sport in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Disruptive technologies are forcing large companies to rethink their approach to innovation and R&D.

IdeaHub Innovation Challenge – the journey continues

Thank you for the interest in ABB and the IdeaHub Innovation Challenge!
ABB's augmented reality demo (c) Samuli Pentti, Slush 2016

Augmented reality in drives service of the future

Through use of augmented reality customer operations and maintenance productivity could be improved
Photo: Kai Kuusisto / Slush 2016

Venturing off to new shores

Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in the middle of cold and dark winter – except for SLUSH!