Juerg Trueb
Head of Swiss Re’s Environmental & Commodity Markets department. The unit provides stakeholders of the agricultural and energy sector with financial instruments covering supply and demand fluctuations for goods and services and commodity price risks with a special focus on the agricultural and energy sector. Solutions are in the form of derivatives, insurance and reinsurance transactions and offered on a worldwide scale. Prior to his current role Juerg set up and managed Swiss Re’s Weather & Power Outage as well as the Emissions trading desk, was responsible for Swiss Re's worldwide agricultural and nuclear business, and managed Swiss Re’s Atmospheric Perils unit. Furthermore he developed risk assessment and pricing tools for European Windstorms, Tropical Cyclones and methods to steer portfolios of natural catastrophe reinsurance contracts. Juerg holds a PhD in Atmospheric Physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and a master in Environmental Sciences.


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Providing food and energy for the future

Report provides new insights into how the world energy and climate system could develop under six different scenarios which look at the world’s power supply