Ilona Braverman
I am the Newsroom Manager with the corporate communications team. Prior to moving to Zurich, I spent over a decade writing, producing, marketing and production coordinating for Fox News in New York City. When I am not working, or enjoying all of the beautiful cities around me, I am busy dancing, cooking or probably making everyone around me howl with laughter.


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HVDC: A true game changer

HVDC made the electrical engineering world sit up and think differently about how electricity is best transmitted

The kids’ grid

Looking for an engineer? Help may be on the way with the ABB-sponsored Kid Grid – as long as you can wait until about 2040.

Admiration, and what it’s worth

Corporate accolades are nice when you get them, and easy to dismiss when you don’t.

Washington and Beijing in tune on climate change?

The world's biggest polluters join forces and face the music.

Is 2014 shaping up to be the year of e-mobility?

Stories and trends from last year, and some recent exciting news in China, suggests much more to come.

How to save $3 trillion

Who says all the low-hanging fruit in energy efficiency has been picked?

The US and China: ever more efficient giants

How do the world’s biggest and second-biggest economies stack up when it comes to energy efficiency?

What can we expect from this year’s World Economic Forum?

What we want to see in Davos, the most exclusive conversation in the world.

Even on energy efficiency, the EU speaks with multiple voices

As with many things, so with energy efficiency, the European Union tries to speak with one voice. But the reality is often very different than the goal.
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