Hannu Vaananen
I'm Hannu Väänänen, working for ABB since 1994 and located in Helsinki, Finland. Since my days as a student at the Helsinki University of Technology energy efficient technologies and renewable energies have been two of my passions. But because energy is not only about advanced technology but also politics, energy policies have also interested me for several years. This includes especially carbon free energy on supply side and energy efficiency policies and practices on demand side. Now I'm working for ABB's electrical motors and generators global business. My focus is on legislation and standards. I'm also board member of European Wind Energy Association EWEA. I have two sons, who have now left home and are both studying. This gives more time for cross country skiing in winter and bicycling during summer. During my free time I'm run a small farm together with my relatives. So you can ask me also about barley, wheat and rapeseed farming in a Nordic climate!


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