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HVDC generates buzz at CIGRÉ 2014

The new HVDC 525 kV cable system steals the show in Paris

ABB power videos to watch before you go to CIGRÉ 2014

Includes the latest video and animation on ABB's 525 kV HVDC power transmission cable system

Solar Impulse Co-Pilot André Borschberg shares his views on the Si2 test flights and technology

Q&A: The Solar Impulse CEO and Co-pilot talks test flights, solar cells, physical training and the virtual co-pilot system

How Solar Impulse pilots will combat sleep deprivation and extreme temperatures

Co-pilots Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg will endure significant physical and psychological challenges during five days and nights of non-stop flying

Google hangout: MIT students quiz Solar Impulse 2 pilot André Borschberg

Includes footage of remote-controlled solar aircraft models taken during MIT's Unified Engineering annual flight competition, held last week.

Solar Impulse 2: First engine test

Video: Solar Impulse 2 undergoes its first engine test #DiscoverSi2 #Solar

The answers to three key questions on grid reliability and new disruptive challenges

During IEEE conference in Chicago this week, ABB experts share their views on reliability standards, cost-effective technologies and the role of microgrids

Patently doing better

So productive were the world’s inventors that the number of patent applications rose by nearly 3 percent on 2012 to a new annual record
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