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The first passenger train service rides through the world’s longest rail tunnel

The Gotthard Base tunnel, Switzerland's 'construction project of the century', received its first scheduled passenger train on December 11, 2016

The Gotthard Base Tunnel opens to the general public

Update - 80,000 visitors joined in the festivities during the public days on June 4 and 5, 20,000 of whom visited ABB's special technology pavilions

Solar Impulse sets two world records as it touches down in Japan

Poor weather has forced André Borschberg to land in Nagoya, 36 hours into the 7th and most gruelling leg of the R-T-W flight from Nanjing to Hawaii.

From Abu Dhabi to Nanjing – Solar Impulse’s journey so far through ABB’s camera lens

While the Solar Impulse prepares for the 8,175-kilometer journey across the Pacific, we look back at the first six legs of its round-the-world adventure.

Solar Impulse sets world record on its way to Ahmedabad

Bertrand Piccard is the first to fly a solar plane in Asia and set a distance world record by flying 1,468 kilometers

After short pit stop in Muscat, Solar Impulse flies on to India

André Borschberg completes first leg of round-the-world solar flight. After an 11 hour layover in Muscat, Oman, Bertrand Piccard took off for Ahmedabad

Solar Impulse takes to the skies on first round-the-world solar flight

Solar Impulse 2 set course from Abu Dhabi to Muscat on the first leg of a groundbreaking attempt to fly across the globe powered only by energy from the sun

Solar Impulse launches Mission Control Center in Monaco

Prince Albert of Monaco attends launch of the new Mission Control Center to guide the solar plane’s first flight around the world.
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