Dennis Mckinley
Hi, I'm Dennis Mckinley, head of Wind Power for ABB North America. ABB provides a lot of pieces and parts into the wind industry. My job is to present all ABB’s wind solutions to you as one, comprehensive package. I've been with ABB for nearly 3 decades. My background is in engineering from Franklin University and Rochester Institute of Technology.


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Expert advice for American developers at this month’s Windpower event in Orlando

To kick off AWEA Windpower 2015, ABB hosted an expert session focused on technologies and solutions that can help optimize wind farms.

A better structure for effective wind farm management

You've planned, collected and connected your renewable power to the grid. What now?

How to integrate wind into a microgrid

Australia brings to mind the wilds of the Outback, with nearly three million square miles of mostly unsettled and wild country.

Collect and Connect

Interconnection is a highly specialized task. Wind developers who go it alone risk significant cost setbacks.

For best results, shift focus

In planning wind installations, sometimes it's best to take a look around.

What to expect in wind power

Some thoughts about where the wind industry is headed midway through 2014