Dave Dyer
Dave Dyer is a principal consultant within the Operations Improvement team in ABB Consulting. His speciality is in bringing sustainable change and operational benefits to an organisation through the engagement of its people. He hopes to share good ideas and good practice, to inform and to learn.


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Efficiency improvements or cutbacks?

When our bosses say "efficiency savings" do they really mean "cutbacks"? I don't think they do.

Field presence aka Visible Felt Leadership aka Supervision

There is no substitute for managers and supervisors being active in the workplace.

Have we gone too far with technology? What about the human factor?

Thinking about the "silo mentality" and the issues of automation.

Changeover Excellence applies everywhere

The technique of SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) aka Changeover Excellence, developed in the Automotive industry, can be applied in many ways.
Image: Dzul Ikram, flickr

It’s all down to trust

How much do people trust their leaders? And how much do leaders trust their people?

Imposing change doesn’t work (or work the way you think it might)

Making a change without engaging the stakeholders will bring about behaviours you hadn't expected and will devalue the benefits that might have accrued

Change is the hardest thing to manage

Change is difficult whether it's minor or major and we all have an emotional response.

Not tonight, I’m too tired . . .

How fatigue not only affects competence levels, it could be deadly
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