Aravind Ramachandran
I am the Global Segment Marketing Manager responsible for the Solar business within Electrification Products Division based in Milan, Italy. I have been active in the solar business since end of 2014 and in total have an experience of 15 years in Sales and Marketing. I like the challenges and trends in the solar industry and now I am working closely on developing a solution with string combiner for Solar PV installations. I enjoy travelling and meeting new people and exploring different cuisines. I play tennis as my favorite pastime and sport.


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ABB’s plug and play string combiners for photovoltaic solar installations.

ABB has developed a system that remotely monitors each string of solar modules for obstructions or even broken cables, and flags any problems found.

Advanced energy storage systems poised for massive growth

The intermittency of solar power is driving interest in grid-scale energy storage systems (ESS).