Andreas Moglestue
I'm Chief Editor of the ABB Review magazine.


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ABB’s top innovations for 2013

A look at five of our recent breakthroughs and achievements

Taking a multidisciplinary approach to developing service solutions

Improved service can mean different things to different customers. The following three research projects highlight the importance of addressing different customer requirements

Custom-made apps could take mobile device usage in industrial automation to a new level

What lies ahead in mobile device enhancement for industry - part three in the 'adapting mobile devices to industrial applications' series

Adapting mobile devices to industrial applications – part one

'...despite the obvious gains to be had, mobile devices in industrial settings are not being utilized to their fullest'

Remote, but close

Improving operations and maintenance with remote optimization

Every drop counts

Increasing the efficiency of water distribution

Energy control at your fingertips

Making your home more energy efficient at the touch of a finger

Better together

The value of transforming data into actionable intelligence
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