Adam Roscoe
I am the Head of Sustainability Affairs at ABB. In a previous life I trained as a journalist and worked as one for eight years. My interests outside work include cycling, cooking, current affairs, history, Daft Punk and writing.


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Sustainability ambitions – measurement and reporting – your action please!

ABB has published its Sustainability Objectives for 2014 and we ask you for your feedback on our challenges

New IPCC report – authoritative warning on climate change

More than 800 scientists contributed to the IPCC report, which cites more than 9200 scientific reports and has been peer reviewed by hundreds of experts

Low carbon sustainability reporting…

ABB hasn’t printed a Sustainability report for several years. Not my choice; a cost-cutting exercise beyond my control.

Uncle Giacomo’s alpine hydro-electric power station

An investment in micro-hydro power generation 40 years ago now provides total energy independence and is virtually CO2-free

Fiddling while Rome burns…a new report

"The report asks how we can address the effects of climate change caused by oil, gas and coal, while at the same time satisfying the energy needs of a developing world?"

A weakening response to climate change: good news for ABB?

'Most of the technology required to make better use of energy and thus cut CO2 emissions, is available now.'

Have we reached a tipping point on climate change?

'Society looks to politicians and regulators to make sensible laws.'

Access to Electricity in rural India

How we can we sustain our help for people at the base of the pyramid?