The five pillars of electrification

Nik Gresshoff shares how ABB is helping mining companies transition to the all-electric mine based on our five pillars of knowledge that embody the entire electrification process.

As electrification continues to be on the forefront of the mining agenda, ABB’s innovative portfolio of electrification technologies promises mining companies viable electrical energy solutions that can start them on their journey toward energy efficient power generation.

As part of Austmine’s inaugural Tech Talk – Energising the Future Mine, Nik Gresshoff highlights how ABB’s electrification technologies will allow mining companies to become more proactive in meeting efficiency targets – while at the same time ushering in a more sustainable future for mining.

  1. A broad portfolio

    Our portfolio of electrification technologies was built on a strong foundation of high- efficiency industrial solutions. This includes a full range of motor, drive, generator, and power control technology capable of powering the all-electric mine.

    As mining companies continue to move away from diesel power and inefficient grid systems, ABB Ability eMine™ makes streamlining electrification processes possible by offering hybrid power solutions and integrated digital applications that monitor, control, and optimise energy usage on mining applications.

  2. Strategic collaboration

    The transition from largely diesel and generator powered equipment and operations will require a collaborative effort between both partners and suppliers to support our ongoing innovation of electrification technology.

    We are heavily invested in our strategic partnerships that allow us to ensure current and upcoming electrification technologies are compatible with existing OEM equipment for everything from mobile transport to ventilation the powering offices.

  3. Consultancy and mine design

    Consulting with mining organisations to assess their energy needs is an important part of the work we do helping mine sites scale the implementation of their electrification technologies.

    Variables to consider when exploring electrification options on a mine site include how renewables will be plugged in on a site; whether there are existing energy grids and battery storage facilities; and determining local network availability for digitalisation.

  4. Fit-for-purpose, tailored solutions

    Our custom electrification solutions can be tailored to align with a mine site’s efficiency targets – significantly reducing energy costs and the overall environmental impact of a site.

    For example, the ABB Ability eMine™ trolley system was installed and is aimed at cutting carbon emissions at the Copper Mountain Mine by at least 30%, paving a solid foundation to achieve the company’s goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2035.
  5. Lifecycle management

    Our approach to lifecycle management of equipment ensures that a mine’s technologies and production processes address critical environmental challenges – from installation to decommissioning.

    By assessing the condition of existing equipment, we assist mine sites with determining how they can optimise the lifecycle of their equipment or alternatively, dispose of outdated equipment in a way that is environmentally sensitive. 

For the remainder of 2022, Austmine Tech Talks will continue to examine how emerging technologies are being implemented around the world to drive innovation and growth for the mining sector.

To view the full presentation of Austmine’s ‘Energising the Future’ Tech Talk featuring ABB’s Head of Mining Nik Gresshoff, please go here.

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Nik Gresshoff

Nik Gresshoff, in his role as Head of Mining for ABB's Process Industries division, leads a talented and enthusiastic team of sales and service professionals. A group dedicated to applying ABB's industry-specific integrated automation, electrification and digital solutions to enhance our customers' performance across the mining and minerals, metals, aluminum, pulp and paper, and cement segments. Nik has a wealth of industry experience utilising the latest automation and mechanical technologies, along with a proven track record of improving business performance across global markets including Europe, Africa, East Asia, China, Japan and Australia. His industry experience spans mining, oil & gas, utilities and general manufacturing.
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