Sustainable cities through e-mobility

In this webinar hosted by Engineers Australia, our industry experts discuss the importance of e-mobility in the role of a smart city

Transport currently accounts for 21% of all CO2-emissions, and existing infrastructure often leads to traffic and congestion. To deliver a sustainable, clean, accessible smart city we need to improve the quality of life for citizens and the impact on the environment. E-transport like electric cars, buses, trucks and trains are no longer just a futuristic goal, they are available now and are the future for emissions-free transportation.

ABB’s e-mobility experts, Steve Amor and Kumail Rashid, together with Yale Wong from Cities Forum, discuss the importance of e-mobility in the role of a smart city. They will highlight the importance of an emission-free transportation system and show the current impacts on the grid, showcasing local and regional case studies, as well as address the challenges and provide solutions related to this new technology.


Key webinar takeaways:

• Advantages of sustainable cities and the role of sustainable transport

• The foundations for a future of smarter, more reliable, and sustainable transport

• Impact of e-Mobility on the grid

• Reducing operational costs

• Local and Regional case studies

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