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Grid (un)locked

ABB microgrids empower the Last Frontier, bringing reliable electricity to remote and isolated areas

A 600-kilometer balancing act

Advanced transmission technology to allow Norway and Germany to balance their wind and hydro power

Simulations help ensure wind farms meet the relevant requirements

Accurate simulation models are becoming increasingly important tools to secure wind farm integration into power grids in accordance with the requirements.
Wind power demands

Wind power demands

A fundamental reassessment of approaches to the design, construction and operation of grids.
Fujian Putian City Flat Bay offshore wind farm in China

China: the new leader in offshore wind?

China‘s goal is to considerably increase the share of renewable energy in its energy mix. The Fujian wind farm is testimony to this commitment.

Wind power supporting the grid at EWEA 2015

As Wind's share of total power generation in many countries increases so the challenge of balancing variable supply with demand becomes more complex

Expert advice for American developers at this month’s Windpower event in Orlando

To kick off AWEA Windpower 2015, ABB hosted an expert session focused on technologies and solutions that can help optimize wind farms.

Grid integration key to Turkey’s wind power success

Turkey has emerged as a significant player in wind power. ABB's grid integration expertise can help the country make best use of new renewable resources.
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