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Grid (un)locked

ABB microgrids empower the Last Frontier, bringing reliable electricity to remote and isolated areas

Power: a sector in transformation

Recent developments in the world’s electricity system bring new and fundamental changes

Fortressing your power network

Improving reliability and availability of the utility’s transmission system

Thyristors – The heart of HVDC

Rather than being an endangered species, these semiconductor devices demonstrate how continual development can meet modern market needs.

Form or function – or both?

The design of converter stations in HVDC systems focuses on the technical and functional but do aesthetics have a role to play?

Canadian Ambassador to US joins ABB forum

The Canadian ambassador to the US holds forth on Keystone XL, cross-border cooperation and who really won the War of 1812.

Why solar power is so valuable – 7 solar benefits

We all know solar energy is a renewable resource that won't run out for the next two or three billion years, but it has many other important benefits, too..

Cut your energy losses!

Yearly transmission and distribution losses could supply 365 million households in the western world.

9 Big Bets

Chief Technology Officer Prith Banerjee puts his money down on potential game-changers.
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