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Even the Swiss need timekeepers

ABB technology keeps the trains, planes, trams and buses running like clockwork in Switzerland

ABB technology helps smooth the ride for commuters and travelers in France

ABB technology helps power sustainable mobility and urban transport, from the lush vineyards of the Loire Valley to the bustling quarters of Paris

ABB technology helps power and protect the Vatican

Dry type transformers used for power supply to Vatican museums

Energy efficiency is all about making the right decisions, now

A world of efficient transformers in the electricity infrastructure could have a big impact on mitigating carbon emissions

Make hay while the sun shines

There’s plenty of scope in the solar sector, but it needs the right products for the right application

Fighting against climate change efficiently

How ABB’s energy efficiency expertise is helping the UN to mitigate climate change

FB: this may well be the world’s most beautiful power transformer

This may well be the world's most beautiful power transformer #artofengineering
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