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Transformers for a sustainable world

Transformers are key to ABB’s commitment to a sustainable future

Fitting into Manhattan

Innovative ABB solutions help address space-shortage challenges in New York City

A 600-kilometer balancing act

Advanced transmission technology to allow Norway and Germany to balance their wind and hydro power

Smart transformer design can help optimize offshore wind costs

Wind energy set a new record in Europe last October with wind sources providing nearly 25% of total electricity powering nearly 200 million households

Taming Transient Troubles

Transients can take out your data center transformer that lacks the right protection. In certain installations, the Transient Voltage Resistant Transformer provides 100% protection.

Wind Power-Transformed!

No matter where wind turbines are, ABB transformers ensure power gets to where it`s needed.

Innovative transformer cores reduce losses and lower emissions

If you needed proof that innovative science can solve real world problems, look no further than amorphous metal technology.

Long term asset planning and the benefits of 3D modeling in transformer design

A challenge for any utility is the long-term asset plans required to ensure safe, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective electrical power.

Is the electrical drivetrain one of the most vulnerable parts of the wind turbine?

Approximately one-third of all wind turbine failures are somehow related to the electrical drivetrain
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