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Electric vehicle market share in 19 countries

How do electric vehicle sales compare to overall consumer vehicle sales? Check out the answer for 19 countries in the charts below!

Top electric cars in 17 European countries (Charts)

What are the top electric cars in Norway, the Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland, & several other European countries? Have a look at these charts to find out

Electrified vehicle production forecast to jump 67% globally in 2014

IHS Automotive forecasts a 67% increase in electrified vehicle production globally in 2014, especially driven by strong EV growth in Europe and China.

10 electric vehicle predictions for 2014

Cleantech market research firm Navigant Research has come out with a new report on 10 electric vehicle predictions for 2014. Here are my thoughts on these.

2013: The year electric vehicles turned the corner

It was a big year for ABB in the world of electric vehicle charging, and this is only the beginning.

Test-tube burgers and 9 more meaty stories this week

A weekly roundup of the most interesting science and technology news published on the Web.