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A tail with a twist

Plastic container manufacturer PrimePac Ltd gained 60% energy savings and 30% production improvement when they replaced a 23 year old blow molding machine.

Improving energy efficiency in the water business

The water industry is finding innovative ways to secure continuous supply of water on demand in an energy efficient and sustainable manner.

SynRM and flying start, can your drive control it?

Flying start is critical for many of today’s fine-tuned processes. Not all VSDs respond the same when controlling synchronous (SynRM) reluctance motors.

The partial load zone and SynRM, a perfect match.

Many processes don’t require the full output of an electric motor. They work in areas below full power, in an area I like to call the partial load zone.

Four things to consider when choosing drives for SynRM motors

One of the great things about the drive for more energy efficient motor and drive solutions is the growing use of synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motors.