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Should data centers own their substations?

It may be worthwhile to consider to ensure the flexibility, reliability and security that your data center will require in the years ahead.

Collect and Connect

Interconnection is a highly specialized task. Wind developers who go it alone risk significant cost setbacks.

Electrifying isolated communities

The Station Service Voltage Transformer (SSVT) compact substation

Transforming the future of urban power: safe, reliable and dry

Dry-type transformers make our electricity supply systems more efficient, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly – making them ideal for densely packed cities

What you can’t see can still hurt you

Underground cable fault detection can reduce unplanned outages and save costs

The powerful photons are getting smarter

Disconnecting Circuit Breaker with integrated Fiber Optic Current Sensor – an innovation that saves space and enhances power availability and reliability

Gas-insulated substations as lunchtime conversation

Lunch with an expert provides an inside look at substations.

IEC 61850: could you live without it?

Find out how this standard is future-proofing our substations
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