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Using data intelligence in smart cities

How the United Arab Emirates is using the IIoT to help drive a sustainable future #WFES2017

Helping to deliver Egypt’s renewable energy vision

Egypt has set ambitious targets for the roll-out and expansion of renewable generation and transmission infrastructure over the next few years.

Mexico’s energy revolution is getting hotter and hotter

If you’re going to electrify transport, it’s critical for that electricity to come from clean energy
Sun setting over solar panels

The future is solar

The levelized cost of energy from solar becomes competitive with conventional energy sources.

Twitter: After almost 5 hours of operation, the fuselage of #Si2 is almost entirely inside the #Cargolux!

RT@solarimpulse: After almost 5 hours of operation, the fuselage of #Si2 is almost entirely inside the #Cargolux!

Distributed generation adds complexity to low-voltage grid

As the energy industry continues to change, network operators can leverage smart grid technologies to help manage additional grid complexities.

Falling prices give a welcome boost to solar aviators

Steadily declining prices for batteries and solar panels are prompting innovators and entrepreneurs to look again at solar aviation

Why solar power is so valuable – 7 solar benefits

We all know solar energy is a renewable resource that won't run out for the next two or three billion years, but it has many other important benefits, too..
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