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Fitting into Manhattan

Innovative ABB solutions help address space-shortage challenges in New York City

A 600-kilometer balancing act

Advanced transmission technology to allow Norway and Germany to balance their wind and hydro power

Cost reduction, operational efficiency top utility concerns–can analytics help?

Utilities know what they want to accomplish and are confident analytics can deliver, but the jury is still out.

Bright lights, big city

Power technologies are helping enhance the upgraded infrastructures required to make the most of the global megatrend of urbanization.

Big data meets big water: ABB Technology Ventures wins VC award for its investment in Israeli water-monitoring startup

ABB’s Venture Capital unit wins Global Corporate Venturing award, continues to ply the uncharted waters of tech innovation

From mobile power houses to electrical grid resilience

When power management in extreme conditions becomes a standard answer to climate change disasters

Surveying the smart grid landscape

Philip Lewis and his VaasaETT consultancy have undertaken what is described as the first global survey of smart grid project ROI.  While most of the analysis has been done, the final report has yet to be released.  Lewis will be
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