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Power and the question of quality

Poor power quality is not a new phenomenon, but its effects are being felt more strongly now

ABB dry reactor is the invisible champion of power quality

Essential tools to assist and protect the electrical conversion process

Cut your energy losses!

Yearly transmission and distribution losses could supply 365 million households in the western world.

Size matters, sure; but in a turbocharger, power matters more

World’s most powerful turbocharger how? Do they mean size? Most powerful because they are used on the biggest engines in the world? What is meant here by power?

Energy efficiency and the FACTS

How flexible alternating current transmission systems can help build a low carbon future

Volt/VAr optimization to enable smarter grids

Volt/VAr Optimization (VVO) is quickly becoming a frequently discussed smart grid application for the distribution grid.

A green power corridor

The Sunrise Powerlink transmission line project brings renewable energy from generation sites in the Valley to San Diego.