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Making the most of data, with data

Data drawn from the management of data center themselves is helping to make the industry more efficient

Grid (un)locked

ABB microgrids empower the Last Frontier, bringing reliable electricity to remote and isolated areas
ABB Microgrids

Microgrids have a key role to play in a low-carbon future

Cutting carbon emissions while meeting the growing energy needs of an expanding global population requires innovative, pioneering solutions.

Reevaluating the traditional data center energy strategy

ABB's Director of Data Center Industry for North America shares insights into the industry trends in 2016.

The power to change lives

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a look at how access to electricity affects women’s education in Africa

How to integrate wind into a microgrid

Australia brings to mind the wilds of the Outback, with nearly three million square miles of mostly unsettled and wild country.