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Robotics Month at ABB — catch up on what you may have missed

If anybody ever doubted there wasn't enough to say about ABB robots and robotics every day for one month, read on.

Top 9 wackiest, strangest and coolest robots and concepts at iREX 2013

The largest robot trade show on the planet is busting at the seams with robotic technology that boggles the mind.

Meeting big challenges in robotics

At iREX 2013, a panel of executives from the robotics industry tackles important questions about the future of industrial robotics.

2013 International Robot Exhibition: The largest robotics event on the planet

From large robots to small, and everything in between, we've got something for every interest at our booth in Tokyo, Japan. Come say hi.

Introducing the IRB 6700

Introducing the IRB 6700: the 7th generation of large robots from ABB