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How the hard-won lessons of IT are helping IIoT leapfrog to a better state of security

Every IIoT customer I speak to wants the strongest possible security. But who inside the customer's organization will execute and own the process?

Smart money is in big data

The future of mining lies in digitalization

IdeaHub Innovation Challenge – the journey continues

Thank you for the interest in ABB and the IdeaHub Innovation Challenge!
ABB's augmented reality demo (c) Samuli Pentti, Slush 2016

Augmented reality in drives service of the future

Through use of augmented reality customer operations and maintenance productivity could be improved
Photo: Kai Kuusisto / Slush 2016

Venturing off to new shores

Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in the middle of cold and dark winter – except for SLUSH!
ABB and the IdeaHub are recruiting innovators worldwide to take on the challenge of transforming the role of variable speed drives in an industrial setting.

Let’s innovate the future together

Emerging ecosystems of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are maturing through partnerships – would you like to join forces with us?

Living in the future today

Sometimes you have to stop and marvel at that we seem to be living in the future today.

What can cloud services offer us?

By activating new, energy-efficient solutions in the cloud, innovations can be implemented more quickly, while still managing to save energy.

Smart services and yellow safety vests

Three yellow safety vests: your guide to smart services available at the ABB booth at this year's Hanover Fair
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