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The future for mobility will be driven by disruption

I was delighted to take to the stage at last week’s ACW Houston to discuss one of the hottest topics in electrification; the future of mobility.

The key to electric-vehicle adoption lies in home fast chargers

Equipping parking spaces in apartment blocks with fast charging stations should bring EVs within range of people without garages

The two other areas where utilities are making smart grid investments

Market analysts forecast utility analytics as the fastest growing smart grid technology area and many utilities have DER pilot programs in place

Electrified vehicle production forecast to jump 67% globally in 2014

IHS Automotive forecasts a 67% increase in electrified vehicle production globally in 2014, especially driven by strong EV growth in Europe and China.

Why the E-Mobility industry has reached the tipping point

We are now in a transition period where battery prices are dropping by 20-30% each year. The consequences for the automotive industry are mindboggling

IKEA has designs on a clean-energy future

IKEA to have electric vehicle chargers at all UK stores next month, and is on target for 100% renewable energy by 2020

Before buying electric vehicle charging stations, know this

Different charging station standards mean you need to be smart about the station you buy

Why electric vehicles can go the distance

'A simple fad and a revolution are usually differentiated by the ability to shrink costs, improve efficiencies, and improve lives.'

Denmark <3 electric cars: installs fast charging stations

Denmark expands its electric vehicle charging network, integrating EVs with wind power
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