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Why electric mining vehicles are starting to take off

Regenerative drives built for rugged mining vehicles are enabling better total efficiencies and reduce cost and emissions.

How will the Clean Power Plan affect you?

The final rule of the Clean Power Plan was released in August of 2015. ABB's resident expert outlines what plant owners need to know.

European consortium set to accelerate cross-border e-mobility

ABB helped create the world’s most-comprehensive electrical vehicle fast-charging network in the Netherlands as well as similar systems elsewhere in Europe.

A robotic win-win: good for business AND the environment

A mobile packaging system takes the factory to the raw material, eliminating a huge amount of energy usage [includes video].

Q&A with Rodney Durban

New regulations are coming for coal plants--ABB's resident expert outlines what plant owners need to know.

Ship designer: ABS’ Approval in Principle for Onboard DC Grid boosts confidence

Henrique Pestana, head ship designer at ABB, says the American Bureau of Shipping's Approval in Principle helps reduce perceived risks of new technology

How the ‘end of the known world’ became a model for a sustainable world

A wind-hydro project commissioned last month turns El Hierro into a model for renewable energy

Washington and Beijing in tune on climate change?

The world's biggest polluters join forces and face the music.

Innovative transformer cores reduce losses and lower emissions

If you needed proof that innovative science can solve real world problems, look no further than amorphous metal technology.
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