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Achieving improved thruster performance in offshore supply vessels

Electric motors and variable speed drives deliver numerous benefits to the vessels that serve the offshore rigs.
Photo credit: Sverre Hjørnevik

Sleek new hybrid-propulsion ferry keeps Norway’s fjords clean and quiet

Picture the Norwegian fjords: Beautiful tree-covered mountains. Snowcapped glacier peaks. Crystal-clear water. Noisy diesel engines spewing air pollution.
2/3 of available energy efficiency potential remains untapped. Better world is created by engineering innovations together.

The future of energy efficiency – know it already?

Two thirds of available energy efficiency potential remains untapped. A better world is created by engineering innovations together.

Cut costs in oil and gas downstream operations with VSDs

Even relatively small investments with a fast payback time can give big boost in operating profitability. Especially in older facilities.

How two apps can improve the performance of your drives

Smart devices are improving the tracking, controlling and analyzing of industrial processes

Keeping it simple

Keynote addresses at Automation & Power World highlight the virtues of a straightforward business strategy

Economic tailwinds pushing US outlook

Automation & Power World press conference offers positive outlook on US market

9 Big Bets

Chief Technology Officer Prith Banerjee puts his money down on potential game-changers.

Industrial strength energy efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, the focus is usually on the home but far greater savings await in commercial and industrial environments.
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